About Meena Aggarwal

Meena Aggarwal is a licensed Real Estate Salesperson. Commitment, drive, and a track record for providing the highest level of customer care is what sets Meena apart. Meena is a Gold Medalist in the Masters of Psychology program and graduated in 1987. Meena has been working with Lifelabs, previously MDS, for the last 16 years and is a Supervisor in the Customer Care Department. She is accountable to work with and manage a senior team who works with key strategic clients. She is recognized as a master collaborator working with various operational departments in her pursuit of exemplary client satisfaction. Some sample testimonials are as follows:

“…. Meena has always had a creative spark that she uses both professionally and personally. Her ideas have always been extraordinary and showed her devotion to the task at hand. …”

“Our Trusted Realtors are very professional, responsive and always work on the premise of 'client first' approach. They are very good negotiators in real estate transactions and are clear in the documentation. I have dealt with them and am fully satisfied with their service. I strongly recommend their services to anyone looking for real estate needs.”